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Web Based MRP/ERP
Welcome to the ProteanPaper© system. You can begin evaluating one or all of the ProteanPaper© modules for your company right now. First, you need to establish your company within the ProteanPaper© database and select the modules you want to work with.
Company and User Information to Start the DataBase
Company Code:(arbitrary - no spaces)  This becomes the code to reference your company and the basis of your consumer web address.
For example: flyfishing.proteanpaper.com
Name of Company:
Contact Email:
Super User ID:(arbitrary - no spaces)  This becomes the ID for the person with authority to maintain and modify your company's settings. Keep this ID secure.
Name of Super User:
When you click the 'Create' button below, a skeleton company database will be created with the code, name, and email contact you specified. Additionally, one user will be created for that company with the ID and name specified. The temporary password for that user will be sent to the contact email address. Read your email to get the temporary password. Then, follow the emailed instructions to login to the company. Use the 'manage services' function to add the functional modules you need for your company. Additional instructions will appear as suggestions in a checklist at the main system menu.

Security: You may be concerned about the security of your data. Protean has implemented accepted security measures to keep your data secure. First of all, Protean will not use your data for any purpose other than billing and necessary correspondence. We won't even look at your working data except as directed by you for support purposes. Few of our employees have access to server data. Second, you and your customers access your data via the web using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption standard which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to intercept and decode your data. Third, ProteanPAPER© servers are physically located at the ProteanPAPER© providers site. This means your data has physical access controls. This is much safer than data which is hosted in an unknown worldwide location where it is much more subject to theft and security breach. Fourth the Web Server is password protected and Protean's database is password protected. Fifth, sensitive fields within the database are encrypted for additional safety. Sixth, multiple level firewalls and port forwarding schemes ensure that only local physical access can manipulate ProteanPAPER servers. This precludes any remote control of our servers. Therefore, only employees of the ProteanPAPER© provider, who are at the server site, on an allowed workstation, who possess a valid set of passwords have high level data access.

Should you decide to to purchase the ProteanPaper© software outright, you will then have physical possession of the servers. At that point, no one, other than the individuals you give physical access and login access to, will be able to access your data. You will then have exclusive access and control and potentially greater speed and performance.

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